The Goal: 12 buckles in 12 months in 2012 - to celebrate the milestone of my 50th year!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

My First Blog - So the Journey Begins Now

Good Afternoon everyone:
This is my first go round at this sort of thing and i'm excited to get started. Maybe not so good at it yet, but I've got all year to get better!

My training for my 12 - 100 milers started officially this past weekend, although I had gotten out a few times in the past couple of weeks the kick off began Friday evening. It all started with a visit to the local running store to find some new shoes.  I traditionally run in Brooks Cascadia's and I'm pretty sure that will always be my go to shoe however this trip I found a pair on Nike Lunaglide 3's and to my suprise a pair of Salamon XT Gortex Wings that fit me perfectly so I couln't resist the chance to add a second pair of gortex shoes to my collection for the winter 100 coming up in Lockport, Beast of Burden.

So with some new shoes and a couple of my friends telling me it was time to get my act in gear I started out Saturday afternoon with Ken on a 16 km trail run. Although the conditions were  a bit muddy in spots I am happy to report the XT wings performed as expected and I am happy with the purchase so far.

Sunday I went out for a 25 km road run with Maryka and it was time to test the Nike road shoes. Luckily the shoes preformed much better than I did. They were comfortable, I was not. Sadly Maryka ended up walking a good portion of the final 5 or 6 kms with me and I truly lived up the the "Princess" tag her and Jodi have labelled me with. Trusting with a bit of luck I can shed the nickname in the not to distant future (although I doubt it).

So, off to a slow start this weekend but i had a good tempo run last nigt on an indoor track. Nothing earth shattering but a quick 5 kms to work on some foot speed and try to shake off some more of the rust that has gathered since the Scotiabank Half Marathon.

I am off to Las Vegas on November 30th and looking forward to participating in the Rock in Roll Marathon on December 3rd. This will be a great kick start to January 2012. I have also registered for Run4Kids at York University in January and I think the 6 hour event will be an excellent measuring stick for my preparation for my first 100 miler in 2012.

I want to personally thank everyone who has helped me to date with what at times seems to be a silly adventure. Every day I grow a little bit more excited about it and I'm really looking forward to it. Of course I can use all the help I can get so if you are interested in pacing, crewing or can offer any suggestions, support, running tips etc. I am listening and always grateful for your help and support.

I do have a web site now and the address is http://www.12in12.ca/ please check that out and if you can help you are welcome to email me and we will provide updates to schedules and events as often as we can.

Ok, forgot one thing. I did make my application to Western States in June. If anyone has any connections to the Race Director, you know, if it's  your brothers best friends sisters boyfriend or anything like that I'd really appreciate if you put in a good word for me :)

12 buckles, 1 goal

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